Arabic Majlis Dubai by The Upholstery Master is one durable, vast, and spectacular spectrum of Majlis Seating and all the furnishing plus ornamental aspects involved within.

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We Are The Famous And Reliable Providers Of Arabic Majlis Dubai

And with us, you can easily acquire all the essential requirements of an Majlis décor under one roof, that too, with the most excellent quality. We, at The Upholstery Master, feature a vast experience of the finest décor creations and we’ll provide you with the most sublime quality and classy stuff.

Our Arabic Majlis Dubai collection includes astounding Arabic Floor Seating, Arabic Furniture, and Seating along with other associated decorative elements, as well. Our furniture pieces for the Majlis offer the most delightful comfort and ideally spacious seating for maximum people.




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Arabic Majlis Decor Creates The Finest Receiving Spaces

Our Arabic Majlis decor range is nearly endless and provides you with incredible styling options along with all the necessary provisions, as well. From Arabic Furniture with innumerable styles of cushions, sofas, couches, pillows, pads, and covers to classy Arabic Floor Seating of dazzling carpets and rugs, we’ve got huge choices for you to explore.

All these and a number of several other elements offer combined functionality for the most mesmerizing creations of Arabic Majlis Dubai. The resultant inviting spaces are the coziest to be within for prolonged hours. Also, one can have various theme creations such as modern Arabic and vintage Islamic motifs and style themes.

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Our Arabic Majlis Seating Comes With Ideal And Durable Decorative Solutions

This Arabic Majlis Seating is the perfect organization of the nicely appealing and flawlessly comfortable sitting spaces. This marvelous-looking Majlis comes with the primary advantage of a nice accommodation of maximum people and also the perfect environment for having smooth discussions without any kind of discomfort.

Over and above, our Arabic Majlis Dubai collection also includes Arabic Mattresses, Arabic Sofa Floor Seating Set, Ottoman Couch, Sectional Sofas, and Pallet Sofas, so as to offer vast options for pleasant Majlis decors. Also, we’ve got you a number of other knick-knacks for the additional glorification of your Majlises.



Get Your Perfect Arabic Majlis Decor Customization From Us

The Upholstery Master brings you the entire décor range for your perfect Seating, that too, with the additional perk of style customization. You can have your desired Majlis decor customization for the mind-blowing Arabic Floor Seating (carpets, rugs, Arabic Sofa Floor Seating Set, etc.) and Arabic Furniture (sofas, couches, cushions, floor cushions, and sofa beds).

This Arabic Majlis Dubai collection comprises the whole space’s major furnishing and complementing décor. You can choose your favorite Majlis Seating theme from our available collections and can also have your desired Custom made Arabic Floor Seating as well as Arabic Furniture.

Arabic Majlis Furniture Designs

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Neutral and warm colors work best for both furnishings as well as the overall ornamentation of an Arabic Majlis. The space must be well lit and you can give off a similar effect by using vibrant color combinations. The decor could either be classically Islamic or contemporarily Arabic.

Arabic Majlis is an entire meeting space or room that’s nicely decorated so as to make it appear welcoming to the visitors. There is usually a seating arrangement with maximum accommodation capacity and a number of other supportive ornamentation aspects.

Arabic Majlis Sofas refer to those sofas and sometimes couch seating arrangements present within an Arabic Majlis. These sofas serve as the primary receivers of the visitors, making them sit, get entertained, and have a talk about essential affairs.