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We Are The First Class Suppliers Of Upholstery Dubai Services In The UAE

And are eager to serve you at our exclusive upholstery fabric shops in Dubai, reviving your furniture pieces and seating elements like never before! Our innovative and promising upholstery services are meant to bring about endless comfort and convenience to your lives and to enliven your home decor in long-lasting and favorable ways.

We not just provide the highest quality upholstery fabric but also offer all other respective furniture treatments meant for both beautification and functional enhancement purposes. Over and above, you can also have us in order to customize upholstery Dubai for an even improved experience of styling your home furniture just the way you want.


How We Treat And Transform Your Desired Furnishing 

Measuring And Prepping

Our experts nail the complete service spectrum of accentuating a furniture item with upholstery fabric Dubai, ranging from measurements to all the preparations required beforehand

Upholstering And Enhancing

Your chosen furnishing gets revamped with the finest quality Upholstery Dubai, along with all the add-ons you prefer, such as tuftings, color/print/pattern modifications and accessorizing

Fixing And Flaunting

With our services, you get to place your hand over the most perfect and flawless piece of furniture, as we clear it off all the damages, both structural and aesthetic

A Glimpse Of Our Premium-grade Upholstery Fabric Dubai 

With us, you’ll enjoy the kind of furniture upgrade which is so sublime and well-picked that you can totally guess it just by looking at the piece that has been treated. In addition to, of course, the highest quality upholstery Dubai fabrics, we also make use of a number of protective treatments and additions that ensure a longer retaining of both the beauty and comfort of the given furnishing.

You’ll find our Upholstery in Dubai to be significantly outperforming all regular furniture treatments and that’s exactly how we ensure a good value-for-money investment of yours. Speaking of the upholstering, the most popular choices at our platform include Velvet, premium-grade Leather, Suede, Chenille, Cotton and Tweed.

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Get Your Furniture The Much-needed Remedies 

Sofa Upholstery Dubai

Sofa upholstery and repair are one of the our exclusive expertise at The Upholstery Master, making both your new and old sofas the furniture piece of your dreams and cozy enough to give you the sweetest dreams.

Furniture Reupholstery

Our furniture reupholstery is the kind of magical treatment that will keep you from investing in new furnishing equipment, as we’ll totally make the existing one most comforting, flawlessly fixed and revived for you

Customized Upholstery

When in search for out of the box furnishing stuff, nothing can beat our specialized services of customizing upholstery fabric for you, regarding any and every change/addition ranging from comfort enhancements to decorative upgrades

It’s high time you fix your trouble-causing furniture and have it designed according to that very design you’ve been having a thing for, lately.

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What Makes Upholstery Dubai Worth Investing In?

Upholstery in Dubai is the most promising and guaranteed way of giving a new life and lots of tone to both your new and old furnishing. It’s an ultimate essential for the new pieces you grab and a greatly effective plus cheap reviving idea for the former (and damaged) one. Besides, there’s definitely a lot more to the upholstering procedure than merely the addition of an upholstery fabric.

This is to say that our furniture and sofa upholstery Dubai works like an entire revamping of the given furniture piece, and essentially a great approach to styling it in accordance with your preferences. Not to mention that our services to customize Upholstery in Dubai totally work like a personalization of the furniture item, making it gain an entirely new and dazzling beauty.

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Our Remarkable Services Of The Upholstery Fabric Customization

The Upholstery Master, being well-aware of all your aesthetic requirements regarding the home decor, has got you the exceptional service spectrum of customized upholstery in Dubai. As you can get by the name, that’s when we custom create your desired furniture upholstery, and the personalization is available for each and every aspect, ranging from the very selection of the upholstery fabric to the styling you prefer for it.

In the first place, the customization of furniture upholstery makes you have a complete say regarding the entire look of your favorite furniture pieces. Prints, patterns, color combinations, tuftings, you name it, we create it. Plus, it’s of course the best approach to settle for, when you don’t want to invest in new furniture.


Our Featured Upholstery Services 2023

Here’s a glimpse of our timeless excellence regarding the most perfect treatment of all furnishing products

Unlimited Perks Of Our Upholstery Services 

The Comfort You Can Crave

Commendable Comfort 

Getting your residential and commercial furniture customized from us means not just transforming it entirely but also making it incredibly cozy for you. This proves super helpful for all the medical conditions requiring extra comfort and support for back while sitting and working.

Sustainable Significance

Long-term Lucrative

Our furniture upholstery services are the most foolproof idea to make all your furniture pieces last the longest, thus getting a great value for your money. Besides, our upholstery fabric Dubai is exceptionally durable as well and resistant to all sorts of damages, such as spills, impact damage, etc.

Endless Elegance

Everlasting Elegance

Upholstery In Dubai gives rise to the most attractive profiles of your furniture items, and it’s an entirely budget-friendly way to bestow them with a whole new makeover, without spending a lot. Besides, our upholstery fabric customization services work as the cherry on cake, making you get your hands on your personalized signature styling.

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Why Choose Us

We Provide The Most Exuberant Upholstery Services In The UAE

The Upholstery Master is the most promising platform you can ever get, when it comes to highly efficient as well as cost-effective furniture treatments. We provide you with complete and most proficient services of furniture upgrades, upholstery, reupholstery, repair and enhancement.

Here’s why you must prefer us for addressing your furniture items:

  • You get seamless, effective and cheap upholstery services for all sorts of furniture items.
  • All of our upholstering and reupholstering involves fixing the damages of the given furniture most seamlessly and with ultimate efficacy.
  • You get to add years to your furniture’s life, and eventually don’t have to spend/splurge on the new one.
  • The customization-based upholstery services are a great way to get the furniture profile of your choice, whatever the styling involves.
  • A whole lot of usage comfort and maintenance convenience gets added to your life, as you enjoy your transformed furnishing.